Building Stronger Families

We believe the success of individuals is intricately connected to that of their families, communities, and even the world. We believe you have the ability to be the best that you can be. When you are strong, so is your family & when your family is strong, so is your community.

We know there are things that get in the way of your desire to be your best and make the impact you desire, from managing your mental health and stress to caring for others. We are here to support you in overcoming obstacles between you and your desired focus.

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Alejandrina and Craig Batista started IRT in 2016 with the goal of building a stronger foundation for their own family, They quickly saw the power of what they were building for not just themselves but those around them.

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We offer outpatient counselingconsulting & intensive in-home services for children, youth, young adults & families.

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To the Families we Serve – COVID-19 (3/23/20 Update)

We want to make sure we are doing our best to address your needs and answer any questions you may have during this time. As a result of federal and local guidelines to limit the transmission of the coronavirus and our desire to keep the families and our providers as safe as possible Inspire – … Continue reading To the Families we Serve – COVID-19 (3/23/20 Update)

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