Meet Rebecca

Rebecca Shpigler


Are you ready to not just survive but thrive? Get ready to feel confident, happy, and calm. I love to work side-by-side with clients in an open, safe space so they can work through emotions and experiences to feel more confident and energized and speak up for themselves more comfortably. Maybe you have been feeling like you are not enough or have been feeling anxious or overwhelmed. Through our work together, you can develop thought patterns and coping skills to remember who you really are.

I love helping people heal their relationships with food and their bodies. If you have dealt with binge or emotional eating or have been yo-yo dieting, you can develop ways of nourishing your body to treat your body with the love it deserves so that you can feel more confident, energized, and at-peace.


Rebecca Shpigler is a Licensed Social Worker (LSW) and NJ Department of Education Certified School Social Worker. She obtained her Bachelor and Master of Social Work degree from the University of Georgia, with a minor in Communication Studies.

Rebecca is also an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. She became certified through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and also obtained a certification in Emotional Eating Psychology. These certifications have allowed Rebecca to help clients explore how their environments and thought processes can impact their relationships with food and their bodies and how they can become healthier overall.

Fun Facts
  • Rebecca has two dogs and a rabbit.
  • In her free time you may find her spending time with friends and family, hiking or enjoying Zumba, Yoga, and Pilates.