About Us

Our Vision: 

To empower youth; their families and communities to succeed.

Our Mission:

Inspire Hope – Renew Minds – Transform Lives.  

Inspire – fill with the urge or ability to do or feel something
Renew – give fresh life or strength to
Transform – make a thorough or dramatic change

Our Strategy:

Provide information, support and encouragement individuals need to make positive changes.

Coaching, Mentoring, Therapy, Family Events & Getaways, Speaking & Training.

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Craig & Alejandrina Batista are co-founders & owners of 

Inspire – Renew – Transform LLC

“Facing common struggles in our upbringing we found through support, encouragement and mentorship we were able to overcome our obstacles and beat the odds to pursue our dreams. When we came together in marriage we knew we wanted to give this opportunity to as many others as possible.”  


Alie Pic BW II

Company Values:


We believe change is best built on trust. We strive to remain true to our word and deliver on our promises.

  • We will take care to use our best judgement and actively participate in decision making.
  • We will disclose and address conflicts of  interests which may lead us to act outside of the best interest of our organization and clients.


Our organization exists because of and has its foundation in our faith.

  • Our decisions are a reflection of our belief that the Bible is the living word of God and our desire to be disciples of Christ.


We believe family is important to the well-being of our staff and consumers.

  • We will strive to support both in maintaining strong and healthy relationships to facilitate their growth as individuals and a collective.

Love & Respect

We believe every person should be treated with love and respect regardless of background.

  • We believe love is an action and strive to show it in everything we do and to everyone we work with and for.