About Us

We want to help you build a stronger family. We want your child to succeed, your marriage to prosper, your home to be filled with peace, love, joy and happiness.

Our Story

Craig & Alejandrina Batista – Co Founders

The Beginning It was six weeks after the birth of our beautiful baby. Maternity leave was coming to an end and we sat down to plan next steps for my (Alejandrina’s) return to work. We started with who would care for our precious little one while we were away.

The Unexpected I was at a position I enjoyed; challenging, fulfilling, different each day. I went on leave fully intending to return to work until… we looked at childcare prices. Until this point our dream of a private practice seemed like a goal for retirement. Suddenly we began to think it might make sense now, to give our family the freedom it needed to be the best it could be. And it was! Our dream became a reality and the realization that it was much bigger than just us.

The Impact – It was about every person, family and community who became stronger by the work we did. Our story became one of not just our growing family but every growing family and passion. A passion that grows daily as we experience the privilege to have a family enter our office or us to enter their home. As we hear their daily struggles and are able to inspire hope and see change.

The Future – Is bright. We hope you will shine with us, become a part of our journey and allow us to become a part of yours.

Craig & Alejandrina Batista are Co-Owners of Inspire – Renew – Transform.

Our Values

We believe strong and healthy family relationships are important for our staff and the families we serve.  We strive to support both in maintaining them.

We believe change is best built on trust. We strive to remain true to our word and deliver on our promises.

Love & Respect
We believe every person should be treated with love and respect regardless of background. We strive to show love in all we do and  everyone we work with.

Our organization has its foundation in our faith. We strive for our decisions to be a reflection of our desire to be disciples of Christ.

We believe we are better individually and as a whole when we support, embrace and celebrate diversity.

Our Team

Meet Ashley Cuasquer
Ashley Cuasquer – Therapist
Meet Amanda Sears
Amanda Sears – Behavioral Assistant

Let’s Grow Together