To the Families we Serve – COVID-19 (3/23/20 Update)

We want to make sure we are doing our best to address your needs and answer any questions you may have during this time.

As a result of federal and local guidelines to limit the transmission of the coronavirus and our desire to keep the families and our providers as safe as possible Inspire – Renew – Transform is moving all services to a full telehealth format through the New Jersey State of Emergency.

We wanted to take some time to reach out to the families we serve and do our best to explain how this will impact the services you receive. 

Outpatient Services

Extension of Telehealth to Insurance

In light of COVID -19, federal and local legislation has been passed to require insurance carriers have extended telehealth services to their consumers.

Our administrative office will work with you to reach out to your provider and confirm this has been extended to your specific plan.

Inspire – Renew – Transform currently accepts Private Pay, Cigna, Aetna and may contact your insurance to determine out of network coverage. 

Transitioning to Telehealth Sessions

  1. If you have not already please contact IRT and provide your email to get you set up in our client portal.
  2. Once set up go to documents tab, review and sign our telehealth consent form. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions at all about the document.
    • You will also have a pdf document shared with you on how to utilize telehealth services.
  3. From the client portal you can go to the appointments and find an appointment that works for you.
    • If none of the available times work for you please contact our office at (732-213-0912) and we will work with you to find an alternative time.

In Home Services

All In-Home Services have now been approved for telehealth. As of Monday, March 23, 2020 all Inspire – Renew – Transform Team Members will be working remotely.

Next Steps to Set up for Telehealth

  1. Please provide your Inspire – Renew – Transform Provider with your email address to add to your profile in our system.
  2. You will receive an email with a link to access your client portal.
    • Your username will be the email address provided.
    • Your password is included in the welcome email you will receive.
  3. You will have a telehealth consent document shared with you, please review and sign, or advise your IRT provider of any questions or concerns you may have.
    • You will also have a document shared with you on how to access and utilize telehealth through Simple Practice (Our Electronic Health Record System)
  4. Visit our appointment tab and you can schedule your appointment with your IRT Provider.
    • If none of the available times work for you please reach out to your IRT provider.

Our Administrative Offices: 

We truly appreciate your patience as this is a learning curve for our team as well. However we are committed to working through in order to best serve you and your family and encourage you to reach out.

Remain open to address any questions, comments or concerns. We ask you reach out via phone or email as we will be working primarily remotely. Please note due to many changes we are experiencing longer wait and call back times.

We understand at times fear of the unknown if far more anxiety provoking than the fear of what is known.  We encourage you to identify the facts via reliable information sources and do your best to remain calm. We are each a model for those around us.


We love these resources on helping your children through understanding COVID-19 and working through associated difficulties, such as cancelled events.

The above is subject to change as we learn new information. If there is anything we can do to assist feel free to contact us. 

Craig and Alejandrina Batista 

Para los padres que servimos – Sobre COVID-19

En Inspire – Renew – Transform estamos haciendo todo lo posible para responder a sus necesidades mientra asegurando su seguridad. 

Resultando de guias federales y locales para limitar la transmisión del coronavirus, y nuestro deseo de mantener a las familias y a nuestros proveedores lo más seguros posible Inspire – Renew – Transform está trasladando todos los servicios a un formato de telesalud, durante el estado de emergencia de NJ.

Queríamos tomarnos un tiempo para comunicarnos con las familias a las que servimos y hacer todo lo posible para explicar cómo esto afectará los servicios que usted recibe.

Servicios ambulatorios

En la oficina:

Transición a sesiones de telesalud

  1. Si aún no lo ha hecho, póngase en contacto con IRT y proporcione su correo electrónico para configurarlo en nuestro portal de clientes.
  2. Una vez configurado, vaya a la pestaña de documentos, revise y firme nuestro formulario de consentimiento de telesalud. No dude en contactarnos si tiene alguna pregunta sobre el documento.
    • También tendrá un documento pdf compartido con usted sobre cómo utilizar los servicios de telesalud.
  3. Desde el portal del cliente puede ir a las citas y encontrar una cita que funcione para usted.
    • Si ninguno de los horarios disponibles funciona para usted, comuníquese con nuestra oficina al (732-213-0912) y trabajaremos con usted para encontrar un horario alternativo.

Servicios en el hogar

Empezando Lunes 23 de Marzo de 202, todos los servicios en el hogar ahora han sido aprobados por telesalud. Todos los miembros del equipo de Inspire – Renew – Transform estarán trabajando de forma remota.

Próximos pasos para configurar la telesalud

  1. Proporcione a su proveedor de Inspire – Renovar – Transformar su dirección de correo electrónico para agregar a su archivo en nuestro sistema electronica.
  2. Recibirá un correo electrónico con un enlace para entrar a su portal de cliente.
    • Su nombre de usuario será la dirección de correo electrónico proporcionada.
    • Su contraseña se incluye en el correo electrónico de bienvenida que recibirá.
  3. Usted tendrá un documento de consentimiento de telesalud compartido con usted, por favor revise y firme, o avise a su proveedor de IRT de cualquier pregunta o inquietud que pueda tener.
    • También tendrá un documento compartido con usted sobre cómo acceder y utilizar la telesalud a través de Simple Practice (Nuestro sistema de registro de salud electrónico)
  4. Visite nuestra cita pestaña y puede programar su cita con su proveedor de IRT.
    • Si ninguno de los horarios disponibles funciona para usted, comuníquese con su proveedor de IRT.

Nuestras oficinas administrativas:

Apreciamos su paciencia ya que esta es una curva de aprendizaje para nuestro equipo también. Sin embargo, nos comprometemos a trabajar para servirle a usted y a su familia y alentarlo a que se comunique.

Permanezca abierto para responder cualquier pregunta, comentario o inquietud. Le pedimos que se comunique por teléfono o correo electrónico, ya que estaremos trabajando principalmente de forma remota. Tenga en cuenta que debido a muchos cambios estamos experimentando tiempos de espera y devolución de llamada más largos.

A veces  el miedo a lo desconocido si provoca mucha más ansiedad que el miedo a lo que se sabe. Lo alentamos identificar hechos a través de fuentes de información confiables y hacer todo lo posible para mantener la calma. Somos cada uno un modelo para quienes nos rodean.


Nos encantan estos recursos para ayudar a sus hijos a comprender COVID-19 y superar las dificultades asociadas, como los eventos cancelados.

Si hay algo que podemos hacer para ayudar, no dude en contactarnos.

Craig y Alejandrina Batista

5 Activities to Relieve Back to School Stress

The new school year can be a stressful time for parents. From new clothes, haircuts, school supplies, and summer assignments cramming into 1 week to saying goodbye at the steps of the pre-k or dorm room door. 

While my little ones aren’t old enough for school quite yet; with over 15 years working with children, teens and young adults I know it can also be stressful for anyone who works with families as well.

Here are my 5  favorite activities to help relieve some of the back to school stress for parents and helpers:  

  1. 5 Minute Mini Break * Picture you by yourself for five minutes. You don’t hear the same question you just answered for the 10th time or have to give the same direction again. Time to breathe, relax. Be grateful and remember why you love your children and/or work.  
  2. Kid Free Date Night * Am I the only one who finds a little bit of time away from the kiddies or work can make the time together so much sweeter?  Can you plan a night out with friends or your partner? 
  3. Outdoor Time * Can you take in some of the beauty of nature? You may not need to go far or you may want to. When I have a little time between sessions I make it a point to park at the park to write a few notes. From walks on the beach and  nature hikes to sitting in your backyard or local park, time in nature is time well spent. Before the Jersey cold sets a little outdoor time can be a great way to getaway. 
  4. A New Experience * Distraction is definitely a strategy we use in our coaching and counseling to help little ones manage stress, anxiety and frustration. Why not give it a try ourselves. Something new is usually the perfect distraction to get my mind off the day to day grind. A new food, event, activity, sign me up. Can you find something new to do this Fall? 
  5. A New or Old Hobby  * I love organizing. A bit of time cleaning out my closet helps me relax, clear my head and get ready for a new day. Judgement free zone :-). Do you enjoy a good book, play an instrument, fishing? Whatever your favorite hobby, making a little time for it can help manage your week. 

Remember you can’t fill from an empty cup.  Even Lebron James gets a few minutes to sit before the half during a finals game. 

Bonus points if you put the cell phones away! 

  • Do you have any tips for managing back to school stress?? Did you try or do one or all of these regularly?
  • We would love to hear from you ! 


Alejandrina Batista is co-owner and co-founder of Inspire – Renew – Transform. IRT seeks to Build Stronger Families through outpatient counseling, mentoring and in home services for children and families. 

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