Meet Ashley

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Ashley Cuasquer, LAC


You are so sick of feeling like you want to disappear. You find yourself struggling to deal with life transitions such as getting your first job or going to college for the first time. You are having a difficult time dealing with the downsides of school such as bullying, rumors, trying to fit in with peers, and school work. Perhaps you are even consumed by what others think of you.

You are now ready to work on being your best self so you can live a happy and healthy life. Imagine living a life where you can manage your stress, depression, and anxiety without it managing you. Imagine just being you and loving everything about that.

With my passion for guiding people through life’s challenges, I can help you achieve this goal because everyone has the ability to heal and build resiliency. My goal is to help you feel understood, accepted, unconditionally regarded, and hopeful.

My specialties include working with adolescents and young adults experiencing depression, stress, and anxiety. We can work together to use your strengths to let go of negative thoughts that no longer serve you as well as identify personal strategies suited for you in order to manage stressful life situations. Think of me as your confidant and hype team. Let me help you develop the skills that you need to tackle life’s ups and downs with grace, hope, and peace!


Ashley Cuasquer is a Licensed Associate Counselor. She has completed her Masters in Rehabilitation Counseling with a focus in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey.

She previously received her bachelor’s in Psychology with a minor in Sociology also at Rutgers University.