Excitement when a teenager finally feels understoodCourage when a college student overcomes anxiety to give a class presentation...Love when a couple holds hands for the first time in months…Pride when a parent sees their child learn something many said they wouldn’t...Relief when a teacher doesn’t have to call home about behaviors again…

These are the moments our team works for each day!

Our staff is trained, certified & licensed according to their discipline to help your family grow. Our speciality is children, teens, young adults & their families.

Intensive In-Community Services

We help children, teens and young adults overcome social, emotional or behavioral difficulties. We offer in home counseling, behavior assisting, mentoring and biopsychosocial assessments. Services are coordinated through the New Jersey Children’s System of Care.

Outpatient Counseling

Depression, anxiety, hyperactivity, divorce, bullying…These are just some of the emotions, and situations which can make it difficult for your child, teen or young adult to be their best. Our licensed clincians help create a plan to overcome these trails and build a stronger family.


From building better relationships to managing emotions, our mentors guide your young person to understand themselves, the world around them and learn how to make an impact. We utilize a social emotional learning approach for all of our mentoring services.

The journey is not always easy; but if you are willing our team will join alongside you to build a stronger family.

Contact us today to learn which services are best for your family.